At American Door Manufacturing, we only buy the best material to go into our commercial and residential flush doors.  We do not put inferior material into our manufacturing process to get our prices down, as other manufacturers do.  At American Door MFG., we pride ourselves on the best service and quality that we can supply our valued customers. We have the people and facility to keep up with the ever- changing needs of the architectural flush door market.  Our distribution facilities offer competitive pricing and quick response to any technical questions about our product.  When the doors have the American label on them, you know you have the best.



  These are just a few of the projects that we have accomplished.  At American Door Manufacturing, no project is too small or too large to handle. 

   American Door's 120,000 square foot manufacturing site in Stockton, California houses the latest in flush door production, equipment and technology.  Our facility is equipped to handle all types of flush door construction.  As you can see, we pride ourselves on cleanliness which contributes to our dedication to quality flush doors.